andrew benjamin gayle, best known by his stage name pzed, was born st ann’s bay in the parish of st ann, jamaica. a unique singer, songwriter, deejay, all round musician with roots stemming deep into the legendary parish where he was born. his family roots deep in the culture, his father a musician that played in a band, his mother a singer in the church, his brother popular dancehall artist little hero, it was clear to see pzed was really born and grown in music, ‘’from as far back as i can remember i would sit day and night watching my father play the guitar, i never be allowed to play, he would always say to me ‘listen… and watch’, and that i did until i started to play myself and get creative’’. pzed has been active in music since early high school days when he was a lead singer in a band doing local shows in the parish, then later touring the island doing harmonies and playing guitar for his brother. the two formed there own crew god alone with meekie melody and viper, and then in 2009 he voiced his own groundbreaking song named cassava, that hit on the island and in sound system culture, produced by macten out of tampa, fl, then followed up with let it burn a collaboration with charly blacks.
pzed has performed at majority of the major stage shows in jamaica including spring break, sting, sumfest, dj wayne’s cream of the crop, tony rebel’s rebel salute, gt taylors christmas extravaganza and this is to name a few, also at new yorks legendary irie jamaboree and montreal’s reggae fest.
'its my most personal project to date'! pzed's mixtape called 'this is me' which he did with lost on green mile is a must listen for pzed fans claims the artist. 
recent project which is out now released on reggaeville with suns of dub and lost on green mile is named 'never lose hope', featuring remix's from ms mavy out of france and unit 137 out of london, check out the visuals now on the link below on reggaeville, the visuals were done by cyprus based animator king of eye and lost on green mile.
the newest release out now from pzed is 'physically fit' which is a tm and god alone production and visual done by veteran wayne benjamin from fabrikated projex.
click here to see visuals of never lose hope on reggaeville  
click here to see visuals of physically fit on zojak worldwide